386 | Orders To Jeremiah Green

    Province of the Massachusetts Bay. By his Excellency the Governor

    To Major Jeremiah Green.1 Greeting:

    You are hereby authorized and required to give Orders that the Company under your Command more especially appointed for the South Battery within the Town of Boston be furnished with arms & ammunition according to Law And you are in case his Majesty’s Service shall require to Muster the said Company or such detachment therefrom as you shall judge necessary, or as I shall from time to time direct and cause the same to March to such place or places where the preservation of his Majesty’s Subjects in their lives and properties shall require:2

    You are more especially required if there should be occasion to employ them in suppressing any Riots or Disorders that may be committed or attempted, and in case of opposition to repel force by force, save that your men may not discharge their Firelocks at any person or persons who may be concerned in any Riot or Disorder, but in their own defence, or with the advice or direction of one or more peace officers; and such Company is to be aiding and assisting to the peace officers as occasion may require.

    You are alike authorized and required to cause a Military Watch to be formed in the Town of Boston as you shall judge necessary or as I shall from time to time direct. And such Watch you are to direct to take up and secure all Indian Negro or Molatto Servants who shall be found abroad after nine o’Clock in the Evening, unless on Errands for their respective Masters or owners, and to proceed against them agreable to the direction of the Act made in the second year of Queen Anne intitled An Act to prevent disorders in the night.3

    You are alike required strictly to observe and attend to such Rules and Orders as you shall receive from me touching the premises, and make Return to me of your doings from time to time during the continuance of this Order.

    Given under my hand at Boston the Second day of Septemr. 1765 In the fifth year of his Majesty’s Reign.

    Fra. Bernard

    MsS, RC MHS: Samuel A. Green Papers.