284 | From Randle Wilbraham

    Dr Sr

    Tho you might conjecture from my Age being turned threescore Years & ten __ yt I am, or ought to be, dead. Yet as the bearer1 is going immediately over to Boston & as he is going upon a pursuit of some Consequence to him I offer’d unasked to recommend him to yr favor So far as the Justice of his Case & yr Situation will allow. I ask nothing further __.

    I find that your affairs in New as well as ours in Old Engld are in a Distemperd State __ Ours I think are in a deplorable one __ The antient Distinction of Whig & Tory have subsided __ but as the old ministry who governed the Kingdom & the K—gs of it for above 50 yrs. were not permitted to retain the same ^[plenitude?] of^ power ^in this Reign as^ they had so long enjoyed __ they grew uneasy some went out others were dismissed __ an attempt has been made to revive the Old distinctions __ & because the K— has made some persons of ye Denomination of Tories __ Valet de Chambre’s that is __ Lds of ye Bedchamber & some othrs. Valets only __ that is __ Grooms of the privy Chamber, this has brot on an Imputation upon his M—y that he has got a Tory Ad——n. Tho. not one of that Denomination has any Office of real Trust or power __2 This has set up a new Combined Opposition calld the Coterie __ wch is a Wd of french Extraction & signifys a Club wch is held at Albemarle Street at new Tavern set up there.3

    This is grounded on a fresh Determination to get this Ministry out __ & restore themselves again into ye M—y __ This Distinction of In’s & Out’s will last for ever & I really dont see any other Ground of Distinction amongst [all?] but this ^opposition^ is fierce __ violent & acrimonious __ Ruat Civitas, nay Ruat Cœlum4 So we can but succeed __. Wilks  extended the Law of privilege __ beyond its Tension __ & thereupon by a strange fatality__ Wilks & Liberty __ are the words of popularity How they were connected I know not __ unless ye Extension of privilege of Lds Comons & Convocationers wch is a Derogation from ye Liberties of all the rest of Inhabited ^the people of England^ __ can be construed into a Extension of the other subjects Liberties__ [seems?] difficult to prove.5 I happend to think that the peace was a good or if but indifferent, yet a necessary peace __ So yt on this Ground & or an apprehension that Geo. Grenville is an honest & an able  minister6 I have generally (tho not universally) voted with the ministry __ but I bless God I have not yet such a place pension or Honour __ save that of a quiet Conscience.

    I have left off going attending my professional [Intrests?] above an Yr & an half & only peddle a little at Lincolns Inn hall & tell fortunes in my Chambrs __ Thus you see the Changes that time has made in yr old ffriend __. but with Regard to his Health tis tolerably good & considering the Infirmities must attend 70. ^he hasyt must attend 70. ^he has mens sana in corpore sano.7 As to^ You who move in a larger Sphere & shoud be glad to hear that you enjoy Health & Comfort in yr Elated Situation __ I know little of the Nature of ye Governmts in N. America __ but have Reason to believe that if good Law good legal Knowledge & Integrity wch make Governmt easy __ Its weight will not sit heavy on your Shoulders __ May it so continue is ye hearty & sincere wish

    of yr old ffriend & most Obedt. humble Servt

    R Wilbraham8

    Lincolns Inn July 20th 1764

    As a peice of legal news you have seen that Sir ffletcher Norton was made attorn Genl in Novr last __ he has been supposed to be marked out for future preferment __ Of him I say nothing only that he is a good Comon Lawyer & a Good Advocate in Bco Regis9 __ He changed his Situation the first Day of this (Easter) Term & set up his peculiar in ye Crt of Chancery __ he has practised for a fortnight there & to ye surprize of mankind tho: it was thot that he came there to learn the Act or mystery of Decreemaking yet to Day he has left ye Chancery & betaken himself to ye Crt of K—s bench again. Mirabile dictu!10 __

    ALS, RC BP, 10: 167-170.