421 | To Henry Seymour Conway

    Boston Dec 18th 1765


    I beg leave to submit to your Honour a Letter I have received from Mr Oliver Secretary of this Province,1 one of the Council & lately appointed Distributor of stamps, giving an Account of a recent outrage committed upon him, & indeed upon the Kings Government. I also add the Newspaper Account of it, in order that two Articles therein may be falsified, as they are sufficiently by a letter of Mr Oliver wrote since his first.2

    The Rank which Mr Oliver bears in this Province, the Respectableness of ^his^ Character & the Amiableness of his Manners occasions this Act to be greatly resented by all good men, who dare express their Sentiments: and the more so, as there was not the least pretence for this insult, Mr Oliver having before given the most satisfactory assurances that He would not execute the Office.

    But It was designed as an Insult upon the Kings Authority; as a Terror to the Kings Officers; and to show them that they were nothing in the Eyes or the Hands of the People. I myself must expect to be called to the Tree of Liberty, if I stay much longer in this Town.

    I am, with great respect, Sr, Your honors most obedient and most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The Right Honble H S Conway Esqr

    ALS, RC CO 5/755, f 411.