266 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston Feb 6. 1764


    I made the best use of your letter of Janry 22,1 to induce the Assembly to grant the Men you desired, but could not succeed in it: the former resolution against this measure, the ill judged publication of the Address of New York ^(& New Jersey)^ Assembly requiring an application to the Colonies of New England, & the frequent Accounts of the Indians making ouvertures of peace formed prejudices too strong to get rid of. On the other hand, If New York & New Jersey had been content to have raised Men for the present, according to Genl Amherst’s request, & have let alone the application to New England untill it could have been supported by the Secretary of states letter; there would not have been any doubt of it’s success.2 However, as the last Vote upon this Subject, was carried in a thinned house (which is ever unfavorable to extraordinary Grants) by a majority of 2 or 3 only, & many of the negatives have professed their second thoughts of it, I make no doubt, but that if the War should be revived, you may depend upon a reinforcement from hence: and for such purpose ^only^ I shall call the Assembly together, if there is any occasion between this & the End of April when I must issue new Writs returnable the last day of May.

    I mentioned in my former letter the Assembly’s having granted me two ranging parties, which upon coming up to me, I find are to consist of a Captain 2 surveyors & 12 private men each,3 & are to be continued all summer to the 1st of Octr, which I shall get lengthened out to Novr. They have also empowered me to Survey all the Islands to the East of Penobscot ^for 60 miles^, & to lay out a tract of Ground ^on the continent^, which wont contain less than 300 square miles, to provide grants for the provincial officers who have served in the late War, & otherwise to make a barrier against the Nova Scotia Indians.4 So that I shall want surveyors of all kinds next Summer; & must therefore renew my request to you to let me have Ensign Miller as soon as may be with leave for him to continue here next Winter. And then I can promise you handsome draughts of all surveys that have been or shall be made. I now hope to make two trips to St Lawrence with each party one in the spring & another in the fall; & shall be obliged to you for all the Assistance you can give me, whether by persons charts or informations.

    I heartily wish you may put a speedy end to that unpleasant unprofitable & unhonorable business, the Indian War, without having occasion for Troops from hence; tho’ I will use my utmost endeavours to supply you in the best manner, if they should become necessary.

    I am, with great regard, Sr Your most obedient humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    His Excellency Majr Genl Gage.

    ALS, RC Gage.