370 | To Thomas Bishop

    Castle Boston ^William^ Aug: 19 1765


    Having received information that several Persons at Boston have declared that as soon as any Ship from England shall bring any Stampt Paper &c, She will be boarded & the Stampt Paper &c seized & destroyed. To prevent this, I must desire you that you will bring your Ship below the Castle, & that you will order All Ships coming in, to be examined from whence they come; And if any shall be found to come from England & have on board any Stampt Paper &c for the Kings Use, that you will Order such Ships under your Stern, there to remain untill the Stampt Paper can be unladen & carried to a Place of Security. And I must desire that you will not quit this harbour, untill the Stamp’t Paper, which is daily expected shall arrive

              I am &c_ _

    Thomas Bishop Esqr Commander of his Majesty’s Ship Fortune.

    L, LbC BP, 4: 60.