367 | From Henry Seymour Conway

    St. James’s, August 10th. 1765.


    Your several Letters, the last of which is of 20th: June, have been received,1 and the Objects of them are under Consideration. I am sorry to find You have met with such disagreable Obstructions in Your Zealous Endeavours to execute Your Orders of putting a Stop to the illicit Trade carried on from, and to Your Government: Inveterate Abuses cannot at once be rooted out; That manly and sensible Perseverance however, which Your past Conduct obliges me to expect, encourages me to hope You will in the End have more Success.

    One great Encouragement You have to continue to exert Yourself is, that You are serving a Prince who will be sensible of Your Zeal in his service, and for my own Part I shall always find a Pleasure in making known to him every Instance of Zeal and Attention to His Service, which comes to my Knowlege.

    A Mr: Joshua Loring2 has desired Leave of Absence for Two or Three Months alleging that You did not think Yourself intitled to give him Leave without Permission from the Secretary of State; if You think that Gentleman’s Request reasonable, and not hurtful to the King’s Service, You will let him know he has Leave.

    I am, with great Truth and Regard, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant.

    H. S. Conway3

    Governor Barnard

    LS, RC BP, 10: 280-283.