336 | Circular From the Earl of Halifax



    St: James’s 9th. Feby: 1765


    Misunderstandings having arisen between the Civil Governors, & the Commanding Officers of the Troops stationed in some of His Majesty’s Colonies, concerning the Intent and Meaning of the Powers respectively vested in Them; with Respect to the General Command and Disposition of the Troops within such Colonies; His Majesty, for the more effectual Prevention of such Misunderstandings in future, has been pleased to declare His Intentions in that Behalf, by some explanatory Orders, of which I herewith transmit to You a Copy,1 that You may govern Yourself accordingly.

    I am with great Truth & Regard Sir Your most obedient humble Servant.

    Dunk Halifax

    Francis Bernard Esqr: Governor of Massachusetts Bay.

    dupLS, RC BP, 10: 270-271.