318 | To the Earl of Halifax

    Boston Novr. 16. 1764.

    My Lord

    When I acknowledged ^the^ receipt of your Lordships letters of Aug. 11,1 I then informed you that I had much to write to your Lordship on the subject of trade, as soon as I could get a remission from the urgent business which I had then upon my hands. The chief subject of my intended letter arose from the behaviour of Mr Temple, the Surveyor general, & particularly a transaction of his done in my absence on my Voyage to the Eastern Country, which affords me the highest reason to complain of him, & yet, I understand, is represented by him by way of charge against me. My Duty would not have suffered me to have suppressed my animadversions on the proceedings of Mr Temple, if he had not made me a party to them. But the sevral important Commands I have lately received from your Lordship & the Lords of Trade, & the meeting of the Assembly, which was soon after my return from the Eastward, together with the common necessary business of Government, have so wholly engrossed my time, that I have not been able to write upon this Subject. And I now find that the packet I am now making up is like to go away before I can add this letter to it. I must therefore beg your Lordships favour, that if you have received any representation of Mr Temple against me, you will suspend your Judgement of it untill I can give my account of the affair, which your Lordship may depend on, shall be full & true.2

    I am, with great Respect, My Lord, your Lordships most obedient & most humble Servant.

    Fra Bernard

    The Right Honble The Earl of Halifax.

    ALS, RC CO 5/755, ff 151-153.