365 | To William Parker

    Castle William, July 29, 1765.


    Last Saturday I recd yours of July 25,1 & am very glad that it came before you gave definitive Sentence: otherwise I should have had just cause to have complained of your determining a Matter in which I was intrusted, without giving me an opportunity of defending my intrest, The Seizure was made in the Province of Massachusets, according to your Account, & it is advertised in the New hampshire Gazette: why not as well in the Newport Gazette or the Providence Gazette? they are equally foreign to the Place of Seizure. And It has had the effect that might be expected: I never knew in what manner the Schooner was prosecuted, or that it was prosecuted at all, till the day I recd your letter, altho I made enquiry of all that came in my way. You was of Opinion that a Vessel lying at Anchor about 2 miles from the Shore must be considered as being at Sea; but it was very probable that I or my Lawyer might think otherwise; and therefore I ought to have had at least the usual Notice, an advertisement in the Papers of the Government where the Seizure was made: for Plumb Island is undoubtedly in the Massachusets. However as it is not now too late I must ^ beg the favor of you to^ order Copies of all the Proceedings in your Court to be sent to me as soon as Possible; and that you will suspend the definitive Sentence till I can interpose a libell for my intrest; which I shall do immediately after receiving the Copies.

    I am Sir, &cra.

    W Parker Esqr.2

    AL, LbC BP, 4: 54-55