389 | To John Pownall

    Castle William, Sepr 7, 1765.

    Dear Sir,

    With this I enclose a letter to their Lordships dated Aug 31, which is a duplicate, except in the address, of a letter of the same date to Lord Halifax sent by the Brig Swallow, Gardner for Bristol, which sailed from hence Sepr 2d.1 By the same Ship I sent letters to their Lordships dated Augt 15 & 22d,2 being duplicates of letters sent to Lord Halifax. I also sent letters to you, Aug 18 a duplicate, Aug 23 a duplicate, & Sepr 1,3 an original, with proclamations, Gazettes, &c. I do not know whether I am right in addressing the duplicates of these Letters to their Lordships:4 but I take it from an instruction;5 if I am wrong, you should correct me. I have another letter bearing date this day, addressed to Lord Halifax, & to their Lordships as before. I shall send them by different Ships, of which there are two ready to sail.6

    All this Business & the Hurry I have continually been in, since these disturbances began, will probably prevent my writing to you so fully on this subject as I could wish to do by this packet. I have many anecdotes, or memoires pour servir a’ l’ histoire,7 to communicate upon this Subject: but know not when I shall have time for it. I thank God, that neither my health nor my Spirit fails me on this occasion; tho’ my head sometimes, as at present, reminds me that I am overworked. The Assembly is to meet the 25th Inst: Evry one tells me I shall not be able to engage them to assist me in carrying the Stamp-Act into execution: however I intend to try, & shall cry aloud & spare not.8 If I do not succeed, there is an end of all Government on the first of November; and we must wait till we receive orders & Powers from England. The People here at present are actually mad, no Man in Bedlam more so.

    I am, with great regard &c

    J Pownall Esqr.

    AL, LbC BP, 5: 1-2.