401 | From Grey Cooper


    The Lords Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury having read several Letters from Mr. Oliver, late Distributor of Stamps at Boston in Massachusets Bay, giving an Account of great Outrages committed by the People of Boston, on the 14th: 15th: and 26th: of August last; and signifying that he had been obliged To resign His Office of Distributor of Stamps, and Expressing His Apprehensions that the Stamp Paper would be in danger of being seized by the Populace, upon the Arrival of the Ship, which carried it to Boston; are pleased to direct your Excellency to see that the Stamps be duly distributed until a Distributor be appointed by My Lords; And Their Lordships recommend it to you, and, by your mediation, to the several Magistrates in your Excellency’s Government; To exert yourselves with Spirit and Firmness, in order to enforce a due Obedience to the Laws, and to take care that His Majesty’s Revenue Suffers no Detriment or Diminution.

    I am, Your Excellencys most humble Servant,

    Grey Cooper.1

    Treasury Chambers. Octr: 8th:1765.

    His Excy: Francis Bernard Govr: of Massachusets Bay.

    ALS, RC BP, 10: 304-307.