Any academic project incurs debts, but a venture on this scale has indisputably enormous debts—intellectual, professional, financial, and personal. I cannot do justice to all those who have sustained The Bernard Papers but the publication of this volume in particular owes so much to so few that I am delighted to name them lest their modesty ever preclude receipt of due recognition. First and foremost, my sincere thanks to the Colonial Society of Massachusetts for financing the project. John W. Tyler’s input as editor of publications has been admirable and selfless. I am grateful to John, Conrad E. Wright and Owen Dudley Edwards, for reading such a large manuscript with care and consideration. Owen’s incisive comments and suggestions will most certainly guide subsequent work on the project. Stuart Salmon, as always, proved a reliable research assistant, and both he and former student Scott Bird undertook proof-reading and fact-checking with commendable stoicism. Current students Christopher Minty and Robyn Leith Stewart helped out with volume two from time to time, and are making a fine contribution in preparing the later volumes. John Catanzariti, former editor of the Jefferson Papers, advised me in designing the project’s editorial policy, and this volume continues to reflect his sterling contribution. I have benefited from the advice and assistance of many others but would like to thank in particular: my colleagues Emma Macleod, Ben Marsh, James Smyth, and Sheilah Greig; Robert Spencer Bernard, Dan Coquillette, Mark McWilliams, and Gary Phillips. Key support was provided by the University of Stirling in the form of research leave and travel funds, while work on volumes three and four is presently being supported by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council. I am especially pleased to acknowledge the many librarians and archivists in the UK and the US who answered my enquiries, including Linda Cameron (Univ. of Stirling), Elaine Grublin (Massachusetts Historical Society), and Jennifer Fauxsmith (Massachusetts Archives). My sincere thanks to Jeanne Abboud for designing this book.

    Permission to publish material from the following collections is herewith acknowledged: the private collections of Robert Spencer Bernard; the Massachusetts Archives Collection, courtesy of Massachusetts Archives; the Gage Papers at the William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan; the Bowdoin and Temple Papers within the Winthrop Family Papers, the Samuel A. Green Papers, and the Saltonstall Family Papers by courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society; the Wentworth Woodhouse Muniments by permission of Sheffield City Council; Sparks MS 4 by permission of Houghton Library, Harvard University.

    My last debts are the greatest: to my dear wife Catherine and my wonderful daughters, Catriona and Kristen, for their loyalty and love.