398 | To Timothy Ruggles

    Boston Sepr. 28th: 1765


    Nothing could have induced me to have interfered in the business you are now engaged in but the extreme danger I conceive the province to be brought in by the indiscretion of the people. It is for this purpose I enclose a Copy of my speech to the general Court, altho’ I doubt not but you will have seen it by other means, & wd point out to You such part of it as relates to the purpose of your Congress. if your Council should be of opinion, with me, that a Submission to the Act for the present is quite necessary to the Measures taken for it[s]1 repeal; & should recommend such a proceeding to their several people, I believe it would be complied with in this province: and this is the only prospect I have of saving it from Ruin. Upon this Account I have broke thro’ forms in writing this letter. I shall be glad to hear from you or Col Partridge on this subject. I am Sr

    your most faithfull servt: &c

    T. Ruggles Esqr.

    L, LbC BP, 4: 72.