275 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston Mar 18. 1764


    I am favoured with yours of the 11th. inst, together with a Copy of Mr Montresors plan;1 for which I am extremely obliged to you: It will be of great Service to me in forming my Schemes. I have not yet got an Engineer to my mind, nor do I expect one now untill Ensign Miller comes; whom I may expect, as I have forwarded the letter to Col Tulleken you was so kind as to favour me with, & have also wrote to Mr Miller at St Johns. However I shall go on with such hands as I can get at present. I propose to send a party up the Penobscot to join Mr Montresors rout above, ^or thro’^ the Moose Lake; & so to proceed by the Wolf River into Chaudiere. As this is probably the general rout from Penobscot to Quebec, I intend to run it again when Mr Miller comes, or I can ^get^ any other good Surveyor.2 In ^the^ return I propose they shall cross from Penobscot to the head of St Croix & down that river, to the Bay of St Croix, which is the boundary of Our Province. In the3 latter rout, it will be little trouble to observe the passage to St Johns river, which has been surveyed by Lt Beach; whose survey I shall hope to procure.4 But in these Routs I must be directed by the Penobscot Indians, who give very encouraging accounts of the facility of the passage from that River to Quebec; & also of the easy Communication between that & the Rivers St Johns & St Croix. The Passage from Kennebeck by the Amaguntic pond is so well known that it will be needless to repeat it. But I shall be inclined if there is time to repeat the passage from the Moose lake to Fort Halifax.

    I congratulate you on the happy opening of the Indian Campaign, which Event is the more fortunate, as it is so Very uncommon, & therefore must intimidate more than a rout would. If any thing should happen Very unlucky, I will immediately make a repetition of the demand for Men. An Assembly now stands prorogued to Ap 18: If no Advices particular arrive5 before the 2d of April I must then dissolve the Assembly; and The New One will meet on the last day of May.

    If Any Gentleman of the Corps of Engineers should be inclined to engage in this Service, I will keep a place vacant as long as I can. The pay can be made a dollar a day besides provisions, 4 months for one rout.

    I am with great regard, Sr Your most obedient humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    His Excelly Genl Gage .

    ALS, RC Gage.