345 | To James Murray

    Boston Ap 22. 1765


    According to my promise in my letter dated Mar 14 sent to you by way of New York1 I hereby transmit to you a Plan of the Rout from Fort Pownall to Quebec by way of Lake Sebem & the return down the River Penobscot taken by my order last summer; also of the Indian Communication between the Rivers Penobscot & Kennebec taken by the same party; also part of the nearest Communication between St Croix & Penobscot River taken last fall by another of my parties assisted by Indians. There is another Communication between Penobscot & St Croix by the River Madawumkee which you will see noted upon the river Penobscot, which leads from the North branch of Passimaquoddy River. These with Mr Montressors rout from Lake Sebem to Fort Halifax afford two different Communications between St Croix & Kennebec & mark out sevral passages from the Country to Canada as there is uneasy communication between the North Branch of Passimaquoddy & the River St Johns

    I have lately received a letter from Lord Halifax,2 wherein he approves of what I did to prevent the french Neutrals emigrating to Hispaniola & directs me to continue the same measures so those people will be under a greater Necessity of gaining Settlements at Canada; as they will not be easy untill they get amidst the free Exercise of their own religion

    I am &c

    His Excelly Majr Gen Murray

    AL, LbC BP, 4: 41-42.

    Map of a Route from Fort Pownall to Quebec, 1764. By Francis Miller. CO 700/MAINE17, PRO. By permission of The National Archives of the UK: Public Record Office, London. The map title reads: “A Draught of a Rout from Fort Pownall on Penobscot River by way of Piscataquess River, Lake Sabim, Wolf River, and the River Chaudiere, to Quebec, and back again to Fort Pownall, by Penobscot River. Taken by order of His Excellency Francis Bernard. Esq: Governor &c of His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England 1764.” Miller’s map is based on a survey undertaken by Joseph Chadwick during 1764.