328 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston Decr. 27th. 1764

    My Lord

    I am favoured with yours of Sepr. 7 & Octr 31 both which came together. Mrs. Bernard has taken upon her to answer the latter; & I beg leave to join therein

    I am in great hopes my Son will prove an usefull & Steady man: My Letters from England give me good Encouragement to expect it. It is a good account of him that as yet he has acquired no vitious habit whatsoever: and I am therefore desirous as soon as possible, to engage him in actual business, knowing what a dangerous state to a young man Want of Employment is. For this purpose it has been some time my intention to fix him in the Naval Office here, if your Lordship’s kind intentention2 to fix him in the Naval Office here- procure it for him should succeed.3 In this your Lordships friendly Care anticipates my own Sollicitude; & has, I hope effectually inforced the particular considerations, which distinguish my Case from General rules.

    Upon the time of my sons full age arriving, Mr. Pemberton4 of his own accord renewed his conversation with me on that subject, and as one of the objections, my Son’s Minority was over,5 if the other of making the grant to two Names could not be got over, he would Consent that the sign Manual might be made out in my Son’s name upon the following terms. That to provide against accidents of death A Stipulation be enter’d in the proper office, if it may be, that at all events Mr. Pemberton shall enjoy the profits reserved to himself, 2 thirds for 2 Years from sepr. 1764 one half for 3 years & one third for life, this stipulation to be made secure to the Satisfaction of Aldn. Baker6 Mr. Pembertons friend Also that Mr. Bernard shall not enter upon the Office till after the first 2 Years & shall then Authorise Mr. Pemberton to join in the Administrations of it for 3 Years more. Nevertheless Mr. Pemberton is very desirous that the Grant should be joint & I should approve of it as it is warranted by former usage & is the least exceptionable Method.

    I am very much flattered with your Lordship’s Account of my Lord Halifax’s approbation of my Essay.7 Altho’ the writing itself was an hasty work, the subject matter was the result of some years consideration begun in the first days of my Government & carried on in the View of Seven Governments which have been within the Circle of my observations; but was never put upon paper untill June last & then finished in a fortnight in intervals of leisure during the sitting of the Assembly. I have endeavoured to ascertain principles for connecting America with great Britain with a true regard for both my Countries.

    As for Mount desert I have received numberless Assurances of it’s being confirmed to me, some directed immediately to myself but many more thro’ Mr. Jackson.8 I still promise myself that I shall have it: tho’ I cannot but regret that it has given so much trouble to my friends: for myself, trouble is my portion; and I must neither decline nor regret it.

    I have the pleasure now to inform your Lordship, that Mrs. Bernard has quite recovered her usual health, & seems to be in as good a state now as ever. However she must take Care of herself: She is not so able to bear this rough Climate as I am, who enjoy as good health at the present as at any time of my Life. I have the pleasure to hear that your Lordship also enjoys your usual happy temperament: Long may it be preserved. I am with great gratitude and respect,

    My Lord, Your Ldps &c &c

    The Right Honble The Ld. Visct. Barrington

    L, LbC BP, 3: 271-272.