263 | To Benjamin Franklin

    Boston Jan 23. 1764


    I am favoured with yours of the 11th inst & am much obliged to you for the trouble you have given yourself of sending a Messenger to Alexandria.1 I should have proposed this Measure long ago, if I had any notion that the conveyance of letters to that Town had been so precarious: for tho’ I have had sevral letters from him, yet I cannot find that any of my letters (from Aug 30, when I sent a letter to Mr. Dunlap2 to be forwarded, to the present time) have reached him. When he gets to Philadelphia, the easiest way of his return will be by Sea, if a good Vessell offers: but that I must leave to your Judgement. But I am desirous in all things that your trouble should be lessened as much as possible.

    I have less concern to trouble you with another business, because being intended for public Utility you will make it your own concern. I have a desire to endeavour to establish a Sturgeon fishery in the River Penobscot. & I have engaged a suitable man3 for that purpose, who by means of the Garrison of the Fort there will have labour cheap:4 all that We want is a good receipt.5 The best pickled Sturgeon I ever eat,6 was cured at Trenton: and as your Neighbourhood to that Operator7 must give you some acquaintance with him, I would trouble you to get his receipt in as precise Words as possible: and you may assure him in such case that Penobscot Sturgeon shall not be sent to Philadelphia or New York or any other Market, that he may call his.8

    I have a like desire to try the Pickling Salmon according to the New Castle Way. But I fear I shant be able to get a receipt from thence by the next Season: if you have one by you, I should be glad to be favoured with it. I am &c.

    Benj Franklin Esqr.

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 19-20.