285 | To Lord Barrington

    Castle William June 23. 1764

    My Lord

    I am favourd with your Lordships letter of Feb. 23,1 & should have acknowledged it sooner, but that I had a letter to your Lordship on the Sea at the time I received your last. I think myself highly honourd by your Lordships patronage ^friendship^; & can assure you the Sense of it gives great Strength to the guard I kept keep upon my conduct. I consider myself no less fortunate that the Direction of American Affairs should fall into the hands of the two noble Lords , who have so large a share of your Lordships Intimacy.2 In this Confidence, I am going to give your Lordship a trouble which I flatter myself your Lordship will excuse tho’ you should not approve of it.

    I am not now3 to acquaint your Lordship that ever since I have been in America, I have studied the Policy of the sevral Governments & endeavourd to acquire a true Idea of their Relation to Great Britain. But I have ^had^ no Encouragement to reduce my thoughts into writing, as heretofore the unsettled State of the Offices4 afforded me no prospect of a proper opportunity to communicate my Sentiments upon these Subjects. However this Spring I formed my thoughts into a kind of regular System, as concise and as argumentative as could well be. And now I wish I had done it sooner: for the late proceedings in Parliament have given such a rouse to the politicians in this Country, that it seems that a publication of some thing of this kind at this time might be of some Service. But I could not Venture upon it myself, not only from diffidence of my own Judgement, but because in my Station I do not think myself at liberty to publish anything of this kind without first Submitting it to my Superiors.

    I have therefore thought it proper to transmit to your Lordship two Copies of this piece, that if your Lordship think it deserves Notice, you may transmit them to my Lords Halifax & Hillsborough. Altho’ it is concise, it is not obscure; & tho’ short it contains the heads of a great deal of Matter: for it seems to me that evry thing I have to say of the American Governments in general & my own Province in particular may be brought into commentaries upon this little Work;5 & for such a purpose I have intended it. If it has any Merit, I would have the honour of your Lordships Mediation; if it has none, I shall stand in need of your Apology.

    I shall send your Lordship another Copy by the next packet I send to London: but having these two ready, I was unwilling to lose the benefit of a Ship now ready to sail: for I dont care to trust anybody to copy these but my second Son,  who being engaged in a Merchants counting house has very little spare time to write for me.

    Mrs Bernard has lately been very much out of order with a slow feaver but is now mending apace. This Climate does not agree with her so well as it does with me: if I should have more frequent instances of it I shall be much disconcerted. She joins with me in compliments to your Lordship your Lady & all our friends.

    I am. with great respect My Lord &c

    The Rt Honble The Lord Barrington

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 235-236.