337 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston Febry 16, 1765.

    Dr Sr

    By the Snow Diana, Capt Groves, which sailed for Bristol a few days ago, there was sent you a Commission to be Agent for this Province. I also sent you a long letter giving you an account of your Appointment & some transactions appointing it preceding it.1 I afterwards added another letter concerning the Lieut Governors going home.2 All which I hope will get safe to you. I have not heard from you since I received an undated letter, which I suppose was wrote in July last, & was recd. by me Octo 10.3 I answered it in a Very large packet sent to you by the Brig Bristol Packet covered to Lane & Booth to the care of Mr Spicer.4 I wrote to you again Nov 14, again Novr 17, covered to Mr Mauduit; again Nov 24 covered to the same. I wrote to you Decr 10 by Mr Cockle; again Jan 12 covered to Mr Pownall.5 These are all my Packets since my return from my Eastern Voyage.

    I now take the advantage of a ships going to Liverpool to give you an account of the 4 Townships. This I can’t do better than by sending you a Copy of my last letter to Govr Wilmot; with its inclosures: this will show how & upon what that matter rests. If nothing better offers itself, I shall be content to take the townships according to the inclosed designation. It will contain at least two good Sea Ports, besides great conveniency of inland Navigation. I should have liked to have got upon the River Passimaquoddy: but for my own part, I dont care under a Nova Scotia title to go to the West of the River Deckwessit; which is undoubtedly the true St Croix. But perhaps you may judge better on your side of the Water. If the right of boundary was not in question, I should have chose to have gone as far as the Cove at the head of the north reach of Passimaquoddy, & so have included all of what I call the Bay of St. Croix.

    I hear nothing of the Scheme for the South West side of Passimaquoddy. if  it is brought in, I shall not know what to do with it under our present uncertainty. I am upon the same account at a loss how to proceed in getting an Island for you, which I have not yet given up. We have at present an aukward & untractable assembly, which makes all kind of business difficult: indeed they keep civil to me, but they squabble among themselves, & are so unsteady; that I shall bring nothing before them, which will keep till a new House is chose. They have sat now 6 Weeks, & have not done 3 weeks business.

    When the Session is over, I shall write to you again; & hope to hear from you in the mean time. The Decr. Packet is not come in, The Ship Devonshire Hunter is expected here every day.

    I am Sir, Your Most humble faithful Servt

    R Jackson Esqr

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 275-277.