269 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston Febry 13. 1764

    Dear Sir

    By the Brig Freemason, Bret, for London, sailed Jan 17, I sent to Mr Pownall1 a Defence of the right of the American Governors to a third of Seizures made under the 12 Cha, 2. 15 Cha, 2 & 7 & 8 Will, 3.2 notwithstanding the 2 of Geo, 3 .3 And I desired that if this Right should be questioned in any office with which he communicates, he would interpose that paper in such a manner as he should think proper, as also to communicate it to you.

    I have just now received advice4 that Lord Colville has applied to the Court of Admiralty both in regard to seizures made here & at New York; & am told that if his Business can’t be done otherwise, it will be brought into Parliament.5 But I cant think that all the Governors in America are of so little importance, that their rights should be sacrificed to inrich one Admiral, especially when their extraordinary exertion is required in the very business whence those rights arise.

    However as it is certain that Lord Colville intends to make a point of this, I submit to you & Mr. Pownall, whether it may not be proper to lay this paper before the Board of Trade immediately, & to communicate A6 copy of it to the Secretary of State & first Lord of the Treasury. I think to write to Lord Halifax upon this subject myself, & also to the Lords of Trade.7 I will send you other Copies of the paper by the first opportunity, but cannot do it with this. I am Sir &c

    Richd. Jackson Esqr

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 131.