341 | To John Pownall

    Boston, Ap. 9th. 1765.

    Dear Sr,

    A Ship being now ready to sail for Liverpool, I take this Opportunity to acquaint you that the Acts passed in the last Assembly & all other thereto will be ready to go by the first Ship that is bound to London: but it is expected that such a Ship will not sail these 3 or 4 weeks yet.

    Mr Jackson acquaints writes me word1 that there has been a complaint preferred against me, but says not what it is. I can guess from whence it arises & from whom it comes,2 but can’t conceive what the Terms are that infer Criminality in me: for it is certain that my Conduct in the Affair, from whence I suppose this arises, has been legal, regular, & proper; at least I can’t see how I could have acted otherwise than I did. It has been my Misfortune To have that Gentleman , who complains of me, resident in my Government: Any other Governor with whom he had resided, would have been served as I have been; unless he had pre[ve]nted it by an early resentment of the indignities put upon him. This Default has been my Crime; I have put up insults, which I ought not to have bore; I have sacrificed the Dignity of my office to the good Nature of my Mind: and therefore I deserved to be first complained of.

    Mr Jackson sayes that he leaves to Lord Barrington & you to inform me of this Complaint; as he also has all his knowledge of it from you. If any advice of that Sort was sent by the Janry Mail, it is not like to come to me; for it is beleived that that packet boat is lost. She was not arrived at N York on Ap 1: She must either be lost or be driven to the West Indies; but as She was a crazy Vessel, the latter is thought most probable. The febry Packet is not arrived, but there is time enough for that.

    Mr Jackson sayes, you still speak kindly about Mount desert. When I agreed with the Germans, I expected every day to receive the Confirmation; & with reason; for it [I] see you expected the same thing.3 As I still hope to receive these people this Summer, I am obliged to go on with my preparations for them. I am just now dispatching a Carpenters Crew to build a Sawmill for the use of the intended German Town, which will cost me £150 or perhaps £200 Sterg. As soon as I am assured of their resolution to come over, I shall have 40 house frames got ready with boards in proportion: Surely all these provisions will not be flung away.

    Among my next dispatches I shall send you plans of Surveys taken by my order at the Expense of the Province this Summer, which are as follows.4 1, A Rout from Fort Pownall up the river penobscot thro’ Lake Sebem by Chaudiere to Quebec. 2, From Quebec by Chaudiere down the West branch of Penobscot to Fort Pownall. 3d; From the Bay of St Croix by the river Passimaquoddy & its West Branch to the River Penobscot & down it to Fort Pownall. 4, From Fort Pownall up Penobscot & thro’ the river Sebesticook to Fort Halifax on Kennebeck. 5, From Fort Pownall to George’s River a road cut. 6, A plan of all the Islands from the West Side of penobscot river to the Eastern side of the 13 Townships. 7, A plan of the bay of St Croix on passimaquoddy & of the Islands therein.5 I had intended to have finished a survey of the Coast from the end of the thirteen townships to Passimaquoddy this Summer; but I can’t now ask for any more mony upon this Account. I mentioned these Surveys in a letter to Lord Halifax, the plans will go by the first London Ship.

    I am Sr. &ca

    J Pownall Esqr.

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 285-286.