332 | To the Earl of Halifax

    Boston Jan 26. 1765

    My Lord

    I have pursuant to your Lordships orders sent to the Governor of Jamaica1 an authenticated Account of the damage sustained by the Owners of the Sloop Martha Richard Ward Master by her being taken at Turks Island by a French Man of War carried into St Domingo & obliged to return empty. I have also sent the like account of the damages sustained by the owners of the Schooner Betty Hugh Orr Master which was also taken at Turks Island at the same time & tho’ not carried into Domingo, was detained sevral days & obliged to return empty.2 This Case differs so little from the other in materials, the damages arising from the purpose of the Voyage being frustrated, that I conceived it to be within the intention of your Lordship’s orders, altho’ not within the letter of them: I therefore accompanied this Account with the other.

    I take the liberty to inclose to your Lordship my speech to the general Court with the address of both houses in answer to it; as the latter contains matter of a public nature: I have the pleasure to assure your Lordship that the Legislative bodies of this Province continue well disposed to Government; of which they yesterday gave a proof by choosing Mr Jackson Secretary of the Chancellor of the Exchequer for their Agent.

    I am, with great respect, My Lord, Your Lordship’s most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra.  Bernard

    The Right Honble The Earl of Halifax.

    ALS, RC CO 5/755, ff 215-216.