351 | From John Robinson

    Copy of a Letter from Mr Robinson to Govr Bernard

    Boston, 9th May 1765.


    I have received your Excellency’s letter of this day,1 & in answer, I now beg leave to inform you, that by Virtue of the power & authority given to me by the honorable the Commissioners of the Customs in London, I have, in conjunction with Capt Antrobus of his Majesty’s Ship the Maidstone, who is also an Officer of the Customs, seized a Sloop named the Polly with abt Forty two hogsheads, & about five Tierces or Barrells of foreign Molosses, in the County of Bristol, in the Province of the Massachusetts bay, for a breach of the acts of Trade; which Sloop & Molosses now lye under the Protection of the Maidstone in Newport Harbour, & whch we intend, as I mentioned to you this Morng to prosecute to the best advantage for the Crown before Doctor Spry at Halifax,2 notwithstanding your Excellency’s intimation it wod be deemed a Reflection on Judge Russel,  whch, however I cant by any means consider in that Light.

    I am to observe to your Excellency that we received no assistance whatsoever from any Magistrate in making the above Seizure, tho’ in recovering abt ten Casks of it, after it had been stolen, one Willm McWharton was obliged by some Justices to open his Stable, where, with Chas Paxton, Esq. Surveyor of the Port of Boston, I found the same concealed agreable to an Information I had previously received.

    I have acquainted the Advocate, Mr Auchmuty with the Names of some of the Persons concerned in carryg off the Molosses in order that they may be prosecuted according to Law; and I make no doubt but that your Excellency will give all necessary Assistance in the Affair.

    I have the honor to be, Yr Excellency’s most Obedt & mot hble Servt,

    John Robinson.

    His Excellency Govr. Bernard.

    L, Copy CO 5/755, ff 239-240.