322 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston Novr. 24. 1764.

    Dr Sir

    I am not apt to regard the talk of this Town; if I did, I should have enough to do. But sometimes there happens a talk which I cant help listning to: of this kind is what I am now going to relate; which I have so traced, as to know it is not made here but imported. It is as follows.

    Mr Williams a Gentleman of this Town, & a relation (a Newphew 1 I think) of Dr Franklin is lately returned from Philadelphia2 and being asked concerning the determination of Dr Franklin, sayes, that it is not expected that he will be appointed Governor of Pensylvania, but it is said, that he will be appointed Governor of the Massachusetts bay.3 And Govr. Bernard will be appointed Governor of Nova Scotia together with the new intended Government in the Eastern parts of the present Massachusets Government or Claim: and he adds that Govr. Wilmot has desired to go home. This is the Story as I have it by two different Channells, each thro’ two persons only.

    I shall not wonder, if it should be thought that I may be more useful in another Government than this; or that I am particularly qualified to take charge of the Eastern Country: for in truth few Persons are better acquainted with it. But my wonder is, than  an account of such a destination, should come hither from Philadelphia, before I have received the least hint of it. For I can’t help thinking, that as such a change would appear as a degradation, altho’ it might & most probably would be made both advantageous & desirable; I should be consulted about ^in^ it, or at least be the first acquainted with the Resolution.

    I therefore acquaint you with this, & desire you would enquire into the foundation, if there is any, of this report, avoiding as much as possible any notice being taken of it

    However you may communicate this to Secy. Pownall to whom I should have wrote on this Subject, If I had thought it ^not^ proper to exact from him unnecessary letters. Answer me at your Leisure. I am Dr Sr. &c.

    R Jackson Esqr.

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 264-265.