317 | Royal and Provincial Instruments in Massachusetts

    A List of Instruments &ca: used in the Province of Massachusetts Bay.

    In the Secretaries Office

    • Grants of Lands under the Great Seal1
    • Grants of Pardon Reprieve forfeiture &ca under the same
    • Certificates under the great Seal or the Governors Seal2
    • Letters of Mart and Reprisal3
    • Commissions of Officers under the Great Seal
    • Commissions of Sewers under the same
    • Commissions Military &c under the Governors Seal
    • Dedimus to Administer Oaths under the Governors Seal4
    • Warrants for Auditing public Accounts in the Kings Service under the Governors Seal
    • Registers of Ships &ca. under the Governors Seal

    In the Court of the Governor in Council in matters of Testament and Matrimony and the inferior Courts of Probate

    • Citations Summons’s and Compulsories5
    • Libells,6 Appeals, Answers Replications and Allegations7
    • Depositions and Interrogatories8
    • Commissions to Examine Witnesses
    • Orders of Court and interlocutory Decrees9
    • Final Sentences
    • Probates of Wills & Bonds10
    • Letters of Administration & bonds11
    • Guardianships & bonds
    • Inventaries12 and Accounts
    • Warrants of appraisement13 and to divide Real Estates
    • Certificates of Copies, and Exemplifications14 under Seal
    • Appeals to the King in Council

    In the Court of Vice Admiralty .15

    • Libells and Informations,16 Answers, Claims, Allegations &c
    • Citations and Summons
    • Warrants to Arrest and Attachments17
    • Depositions and Interrogatories
    • Orders and Interlocutory Decrees
    • Letters of Request
    • Stipulations and Enactments
    • Certificates of Copies and Exemplifications under Seal
    • Final Sentences
    • Monitions18
    • Executions
    • Appeals to the high Court of Admiralty

    In the Superior Court, Inferior Courts, General Sessions of the Peace and before Justices.

    • Original Summons
    • Writs of Attachment19
    • Summons where goods are Attached
    • Writs of Execution on Judgement
    • Writs of habere facias possessionem,20 of Seizure, of protection, of Review, of Scire facias21 of partition.22
    • Writ of habeas Corpus, of certiorari, of prohibition23
    • Writ of Venire facias24 for a grand and petit Jury
    • Writ of Assistance to Custom house officers25
    • Writ for Levying a fine or Suffering a Recovery
    • Declarations Pleas &c26
    • Orders and Rules of Court
    • Depositions and Affidavits27
    • Judgements
    • Exemplifications28 under Seal of Court
    • Admission of Attorney in Superior Court and Inferior Courts29
    • Warrants
    • Subpœnas or Summons for Witnesses
    • Licences for Selling Tea, Coffee and China Ware
    • Licences for Innholders or retailers of Wine or Spirits30
    • Writs of Summons Capias and Execution31 from Justices of the Peace in civil causes and Judgments therein.
    • Bail and Recognisances32
    • Enrollment of Deeds in the County Registers
    • Instruments used out of Court
    • Deeds of Conveyance of lands Tenenements33 & Hereditaments or any Right or interest therein
    • Bonds, Obligations, Letters of Attorney, Indentured Servants Agreements,34 Charter parties, Releases & all Instruments Obligatory under Seal.
    • Protests and other Notarial Acts
    • Policies of Assurance Bills of Lading and Bills of all Vessels or Servants.

    Ms, Copy CO 5/755, ff 147-150.