281 | To James Murray

    Boston Ap. 19. 1764


    Since I received your letter empowering me to draw upon you for 60 pds. Advanced to Lieut Beach, Our Treasurer have endeavoured several times to get mony for such a draught, but cannot do it, no one here having occasion for mony payable at Quebec. I must therefore leave it to you to order it to be pd. here by such opportunity as shall occur.

    I am now fitting out a party to go From Fort Pownall on the River Penobscot thro’ the Chaudiere to Quebec to explore the Country & survey the Rout. From the North End of Lake Sebem to Quebec, they will take the same Rout as Mr. Montresor in his return from Fort Halifax on Kennebec; but in returning They wont go thro’ Lake Sebem but wholly down Penobscot. The Indians usually perform this journey in 6 ½ days; but they say they can do it in five. When they arrive at Quebec the commanding officer will wait upon your Excellency.

    I am &c

    His Excelly Govr. Murray.

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 37.