271 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston Feb 19. 1764.

    Dear Sr.

    Last night I received yours of Decr. 9 & last Thursday that of Novr. 26;1 & as I shall now have an opportunity of sending away letters to morrow I shall by this answer such parts of it as may require it soon.

    I should be glad to have the Scheme of St. Croix go on: I think I have wrote fully about it allready. T Pownall’s name2 is more like to do good than hurt; but I beleive wont do much of either.3 I have not moved any thing else of this kind, nor shall think of it untill the confirmation is passed; nor even then if the former Scheme is like to take place: It will be enough to have in hand at one time. Land jobbing is becoming a great bubble: If I do anything to good purpose, it must be by catching hold of sudden occasion, which I shan’t miss. I sent you an account of the proceedings of the Assembly by a Brig bound to Bristol: I wrote to the same purpose to Secry Pownall in a letter sent to NYork last monday.4 I also wrote to you a short letter, of which I shall send a duplicate . The rest of your letters you must consider as postponed. I congratulate you upon the Victory obtained over the Python & more especially on the firmness of the Ministry. 5 I am &c

    Richd. Jackson Esqr.

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 132.