393 | From Charles Lowndes


    I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury to Signify to your Excellency their desire that you will give your aid and assistance to the Distributor of Stamps within your Government in whatever may relate to his Duty in the execution of his Office under the act passed in the last session of Parliament and that your Excellency would be particular in seeing that the Chief Distributor1 do Appoint under Distributors in every proper Town and place within your Government and that each of the said under Distributors be well Supplyed with Stamps for all Demands. And that Your Excellency would be very attentive to the detection of any frauds which may arise in this Branch of His Majesty’s Revenues. And in case it shall have happen’d that any chief Distributor residing in your Governments hath not given Security for the due Execution of his Office That Your Excellency will take care that he do forthwith execute his Bond for the same which Bond when executed your Excellency is desired to return to the Stamp Office. My Lords so much depend upon your Attention to the Public Service that they cannot doubt of Receiving Information from your Excellency in case any remissness in the Execution of the Office of the Chief Distributor within your Government or other Mismanagements or Abuses whatsoever shall Appear to you

    I Am your Excellency’s most obedient humble Servant,

    Cha Lowndes2

    Treasury Chambers,

    Septr: 14: 1765.

    Francis Bernard Esqr: Governor of Massachusets Bay.

    ALS, RC BP, 10: 300-303.