869 | From Thomas Hutchinson

    Boston 6 Novr 1770

    Dear Sir

    When I wrote you a few lines the last evening1 I had no expectation that I should have a melancholy occasion to write you again this morning. Mr. Frank has been for several weeks composed2 but the powers of his mind appeared to be weakned & he has been weak in body and Perkins seemed to apprehend danger of a Hectick3 although he imagined it might be prevented with proper care. Two or three days ago he fell into a Diarhæa which notwithstanding all the help which could be afforded sunk him so fast that yesterday afternoon he died. Mr. Logan has just left me.

    The first news must be shocking to you but upon reflection it will appear to be right for his case was desperate and As soon as ever strength of body had returned, if it could have been recovered the disorder of the brain would have returned with it. Of his own accord he gave me an account of a blow he received at Westminster School & by his manner of relating it I tho’t he was sensible himself that the Effects of it then remained.4 There has been no neglect on the part of your friends

    I am most sincerely Dear Sir Yr faithful Humble Servt

    L, LbC      Mass. Arch., 27: 50.