886 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    No 58 [57].1

    Hampstead, Ap. 6. 1771

    Dear Sir,

    I have now several Letters of yours by me unanswered and very little time to save the going out of the next Ship. As your Letters are not regularly numbered I shall distinguish them where necessary by the Dates.

    In the first Place I have not seen Lord H for some time, partly owing to the extraordinary Business which has engaged the Ministry, & partly from the Intervention of the Easter Holidays; & therefore I cannot make answer to such things as I have proposed to communicate to him. I shall endeavour to see him the middle of next Week.

    Jan 8.2 Mr Boutineau’s Plan is like to fail at the first setting out, the making a Provision for Mr Sewall. I have heretofore in my Letters in the strongest Manner enforced the necessity of providing for the Crown Lawyers in your Province. Since I came to England, I have again urged the Expediency of it; but dont find it attended to. If I have an Opportunity to communicate what you write upon this Subject, I will give my testimony of the Propriety of it.

    Jan 23. No. 54.3 I intend to communicate the greatest part of this Letter to Ld H: at present I can only say that as there is not the least Probability of anything being done with your Government this Session, it is to no purpose to dispute about the best Method of proceeding. But as your Hints which contain some things new, may be of use in the next Session, I shall not fail giving my Opinion upon them if I have an Opportunity.

    feb. 3.4 I have allready told you that I will communicate what you write about Green & Russel to Mr Cooper.5 I have not had an Opportunity to do it as yet, nor have been very urgent about it; as there is not the least Appearance of what they and you apprehend being ordered.

    Jan 30.6 No 55. I received this Letter yesterday sevnight: I went the next morning and put your Letter to Lord North and yours to me into the hands of Mr Robinson, My Lords Secry, as well as Secry of the Treasury.7 He assured me that he would immediately lay it before My Lord. And I have the Pleasure to tell you that I am informed this day that every thing is done as you desire. Mr Mather is appointed first Clerk with a Salary of 100 pds to that Office & 30 to the other.

    Feb. 7. No 47.8 Yesterday I saw Mr Palmer on the subject of your Coach; and we agreed that you ought to have a secondhand one light & with a moveable Box. And we are both to look out & communicate with one another.

    I have nothing to add upon Politics: the House is adjourned to next tuesday;9 when it is supposed they will take up the Business of Privilege with Vigour. The City Faction is got upon such bad ground that it is impossible for them to support themselves. This is the Opinion [of] Ld M, with who I spent 2 & 3 hours a few days ago. My Lord Mayor has kept his Easter in the Tower.10

    I am &c

    Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 166–167.