840 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    No 25.

    Pall Mall. Ap. 4. 1770

    Dear Sir,

    The Packets you receive with this have laid by me ten days: they were to have gone by Captain Simms on the 24th ult; but he slipt away before his Time and left most of the Letters designed for him behind.1 Since that nothing very material has happened in Parliament: the Ministry are very firm; & the Minority if we may judge of the Muster of it at My Lord Mayors Feast which was made for them, is 106 Commoners & 35 Lords.2 It is remarkable that in the House of Commons upon the Subject of the Remonstrance, the Minority was just half the Number with which it set out on the first day of the new Minister. The last Division on the State of the Nation, was upon a Motion to address the King upon the exceedings of the civil List, when the Numbers were 208, 77, maj. 131.3

    Some time ago Mr Pownall4 asked me who was to pay the fees of your Commission: I told him you had wrote to Mr Jackson to do it. But when I talked with Mr Jackson, he told me that you had countermanded that Order.5 This is unfortunate: if you had given no Order at all, the Money would readily have been advanced; but now there is an Order of yours against paying this Money, it disables Mr Jackson & every one else from advancing it. I hope the next Letters from you will releive us from this Difficulty: for I think your Commission should be sent away as soon as possible; and it will not look well to have it delayed for Want of the Fees. I have not seen Lord H or Mr P these 8 days, and am now confined with a Cold:6 so I know not how far your Business is advanced nor what is concluded upon with Regard to Mr Oliver.7 The Houses will adjourn next Tuesday for a fortnight; and then the Minister will be accessible more than he has been of late.

    I am with all due Complts &c.

    The Honble Lt Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 82–83.