825 | To Philip Stephens

    Pall Mall. Feb. 10. 1770.


    When I embarked at Boston to attend his Majesty’s Commands here, I was obliged to leave Lady Bernard behind me, she being at that Time under a Disorder which I could not be allowed to wait the Determination of. She is now in a great Degree recovered & hopes to be able to return to England next Summer. But being unhappy in suffering very severely by Sea-Sickness, She is in her present infirm State afraid to venture in so small a Ship, as those which usually pass in the Way of Trade between Boston & England. It would therefore be a great Releif to her Infirmity, & to my Anxiety also, if she could have Leave to come home in a Ship of the Kings. As I understand there will be several such ordered home next Summer, I presume such Request will not be unseasonable or improper. However I leave you, Sir, to judge of it & favour ^me^ with your Advice & Assistance in obtaining this Indulgence in such a Manner as you shall judge for the best.

    I am &c.

    P. Stephens Esqr

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 55–56.