839 | To Thomas Hutchinson


    No 24

    Pall Mall, March 22. 1770.

    Dear Sir

    The Advices of your Proceedings with the Meeting at Faneuil Hall & your Spirited Message to them came in very good time to ballance the Accounts of what passed 4 days before in the Submission of your Sons & the Consequences of it, which as they are represented as ill timed & unlucky, might have been injurious to you if that Transaction had stood alone. I was prepared to apologise for you; but found that L H knew Nothing of it & therefore I kept it to myself. I have now got that Letter in my own Hands & will take Care that it shall do no Hurt.1

    I have the Pleasure to assure you that My Lord H’s Disposition towards you is noways altered; And now my Affair at the Council Board is finished, your Business will be done, with no Loss of time. I am at present allowed to tell you that your Name and that of Mr Oliver have been mentioned to the King with his gracious Approbation. I can also add that Mr Rogers’ Expectation looks very fair; but that will depend upon procuring the Compensation for Mr Oliver which I some time ago proposed to L H, & have lately mentioned to L N.2 As the former has approved of it I think the latter will not object to its being carried into Execution, as he speaks very kindly of Mr Oliver.

    That your Business might meet with no Delay, I have waived for the present my Pretensions to a farther Compensation which it is generally allowed I ought to have. When I mentioned this to L H, he was pleased immediately to promise me two Things which I have at Heart, to be done as soon as the Hurry of Parliamentary Business is over. These are Mount Desert & the Naval Office. I am offered any West Indian Government as fast as they become vacant. I shall endeavour to avoid them all; but as I have formerly asked for Barbadoes, I could not refuse that, if it should become vacant. So I think I am fixed here for some time at least, as there is no Probability of Barbadoes being vacant at present.

    Probably you will receive by this Ship from Lord Hillsborough an authentic Copy of the Order of Council in my Business: I suppose that my Lord will direct that it be recorded in the Secretary’s Office; if he does not, you may think it proper, as the Complaints will remain upon the Journals.3 I am not willing to give the Trouble of recording my Answer, as it is so long; but a printed Copy of it should be filed together with the authentic Copy of the Order. I am the third Governor against whom Complaints have been dismissed this Winter upon the Complainants not been able to support the Complaint & making the usual Pretence of Want of Time.4 If the authentic Copy should not go now, I have one of my own ready to send you.

    I am &c.

    The Honble Lt Govr Hutchinson

    L, LbC      BP, 8: 79–81.