289 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston July 9. 1764

    Dr Sir

    I herewith inclose to you a short Summary of American Policy drawn up by myself as the Principles, upon which it seems to me it would be most advisable to reform & resettle the American Provinces. I have endeavourd to be as concise as possible, and at the same time argumentative: so that if the System is false, it may be easy to discover where the fallacy lies. If it is not explicit enought, it at least contains heads of Subjects very intresting. I consider this as the Littleton of my institutes; and as I shall have to write on the political State of America, will be commentaries upon some part or other of this Work.1

    I have given this Subject a deal of consideration; indeed it has never been out of my mind for sevral years past. I have endeavoured to divest myself of prejudices; I am quite sincere in my opinions & upright in my intentions; & I persuade myself that I am endeavouring to do good Service both to my Native Country & my adopted one. And yet I am so sensible of the force of the prejudices I oppose that I am particularly desirous not to be publickly known as the Writer of this Paper.

    The two first Copies of this I sent about a fourtnight ago by the Ship Boston Packet, (which carried a long letter for you upon sevral Subjects) to Lord Barrington, with a desire that he would, if he thought it proper, communicate them to my Lords Halifax & Hillsborough.2 I now send Lord Barrington a third Copy for his own use;3 & this the fourth Copy ^to you^ for you^rself^ & Mr Pownall; the latter will probably see one of the former Copies.4 And this is all the Publication I intend to make of this Piece.

    Nevertheless I will fairly own, that I have thought  that the publishing this or something like this in North America at this time would do good Service. But I could not think myself in my Station at liberty to publish anything of this kind without first laying it before my Superiors. To them therefore it is left whether it shall be publish’d or not: if they should be of Opinion that it may be of some Service, (for which you may consult Mr Pownall) I would trouble you to order it to the Press at London, as it will be too late to print it in America. Any expence of this kind I will be answerable for; & any alterations that may be thought advisable, I previously consent to. When it comes over printed, it will soon get a new Edition in America, as it is but Short.

    I am Dr Sr. &c

    R Jackson Esqr.

    P.S. I have great doubt about the propriety of printing; and therefore the Hint must be treated tenderly. If you think it worth Mr Greenvilles perusal I leave it to your Introduction.5

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 237-238.