297 | Circular From the Earl of Halifax


    St: James’s, August 11th: 1764


    It is His Majesty’s Pleasure that you do constantly transmit to me every Information, which your utmost Diligence & Attention can, from Time to Time, procure, in relation to the illicit Trade, which may be carried on within your Government; to the Methods in which it is conducted; the Commodities in which it is concerned; and the Extent to which it is carried; the Means of preventing the same; & the Conduct of the ^several^ Officers who are employed for that purpose: And whenever it shall happen that you have not been able to procure any Intelligence upon any of the Points abovementioned, You will take Care to mention in your Dispatches, that you have no Informations of that sort to communicate.

    I am with great Truth and Regard, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant

    Dunk Halifax

    Francis Bernard Esqr: Governor of Massachusets Bay.

    dupLS, RC BP, 10: 183-184.