347 | To John Pownall

    Boston May 1. 1765.


    I hereby transmit to you an Authentick Copy of minutes of the Council &ca Relating to the Survr genl’s treatment of me upon a particular occasion. I have wrote to the Lords of Trade an abstract Account of this Affair & also to the Secretary of State a duplicate of the Same,1 in which I refer to the Authentick Copy herewith inclosed. Mr. Temple has Copies of the Same.

    I have also sent to you, directed to the Care of Mr. Jackson,2 3 maps of the Surveys made by my order last Summer; one contains a View of all the Surveys I’ve had made in that Country, except the upper part of the Rout to Quebec;3 another contains the entire rout from Fort Pownall to Quebec;4 the third is a larger plan of the Bay of Passimaquoddy on St Croix.5 I have another plan of Penobscot bay & the fox Islands up on a larger Scale: it would not conveniently come into this Package; but it will be ready whenever it is wanted.6 I prevailed upon the Assembly to enable me to do this business at a time when they thought the Terms were settled for confirming that Country to them: if after all they lose it, they will in Equity be intitled to a reimbursemt of this Expence.

    Some months ago I mentioned these Surveys to my Lord Halifax, & Promis’d to send maps of them as soon as I could get them finished.7 I must therefore beg the favor of you to communicate them to Lord Halifax as soon as you conveniently can. I have now a Surveyor employed in laying down a true geometrical Line between this Town & Albany: as soon as he returns, I shall employ him upon the same business from hence to George’s River near the mouth of Penobscot.8 This will form an Actual measure of the lenght of the Country from Hudson’s river to penobscot, which will be of vast Service in settling the Geography of New England. Thus it is that I employ my intrest with the Assembly: I have never asked anything for myself nor received anything except the Grant of the Island.

    I am Sr. &c

    J. Pownall Esqr.

    AL, LbC BP, 3: 289-290.