374 | To John Pownall


    Castle William, Augt 23d, 1765.

    Dear Sir,

    Since I wrote to you my Letter dated Augt 18,1 I have had occasion to write an additional Letter to my Lord Halifax2 on the Subject of the disturbances at Boston; & considering that this last letter will want the former for its explanation, & it is possible that my former Letter by Glascow may not arrive when the latter does; I have thought proper to address the duplicate to Lord Halifax, & I will send a triplicate to you by the next Ship. This must qualify the first sentence of my former Letter.

    I continue unmolested residing at the Castle, & going to Town once a week to hold a Council: so the Forms of Government are kept up, tho’ there is no real Authority in it. I am told that there is no Intention at present of expressing resentment against me: perhaps they may think that their Measure will be full enough without injuring me, who am perfectly innocent in regard to the Subject of their Fury. I have now all my attention fixed upon preserving the Stamps when the3 arrive, which have been devoted to destruction. I have given a particular account of this to my Lord Halifax; and you will have the same by the next ship that sails after this. If I succeed in this, possibly the disappointment it may occasion may raise their resentment against me:4 but I depend upon having early notice of anything intended against me, as I have some Persons friendly to me who mix among them.  Capt Hollowell has had a narrow escape: a night was fixed for pulling down his house, lately built at the expence of 2,000 pounds stg; but it transpired so as to give him time to divert it. He still continues an object of Resentment.5

    Upon full deliberation, I think it will be best not to call the Assembly together, untill I can receive instructions & Power from England; for these, among other reasons: 1st, they cannot sit in Boston without being liable to be menaced or seduced: 2d, I shant be able to speak to them in Boston so freely as I should desire to do: 3, I cant call them at another Town without incurring a resentment, which, perhaps, will be executed against me at my return to Boston, tho’ a year hence; 4, I cant entirely depend upon the part the Assembly will act whilst the insurgents are so elated, & if they should act wrongly, or even indifferently, their meeting would do more harm than Good. I shall therefore be desirous of Postponing the Assembly till I can hear from England: but I cant promise to do it in my present defenceless State. However I must again desire you to procure for me an order to call the Assembly at some other Town than Boston, leaving the Town to me I shall find the Country disposed. In your letters to me, dont mention that this is done at my desire, least they should be intercepted: for I dont know who will be in possession of the power here, when they arrive.

    Being desirous of guarding against the intercepting these letters,  I shall get them covered by a Merchant here  to Barnard & Harrison of London, desiring their Care of them: and I shall give you advice by a seperate letter to go in the bag.

      I am, Sir

    J. Pownall Esqr.

    dupAL, RC SA: WWM/R24/8.