381 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston Aug 29. 1765


    I herewith send you two proclamations which will in some measure show the particulars of two very Outragious riots at Boston. I also send you the resolution of the Council to a question I put to them after the second riot: as they are of opinion that there is no occasion for the assistance of the Kings troops, I cannot ask for them; nor can I with safety declare my own thoughts upon the occasion1. The Town has been kept quiet for two nights past by parties of militia, in which the Commanding officers, to do them justice, have been Very active. So that I hope that peace will be restored by internal means only; but I cant be answerable for it.

    The Council have desired me to cause the Stampt-paper when it arrives to be lodged in the Castle to prevent its being destroyed:2 And It is said among the People that the Castle shall not protect the Stampt paper; for they are determined to take it from thence. The Garrison at the Castle consists of 60 men; and I am going with advice of council to raise a Company of 60 more to reinforce it. I hope this will be sufficient to defend the Castle;3 but cant be answerable for it, as I know not how it will be attacked. If the Assailants are numerous & desperate they must take it; for the Outworks must be left undefended: but I hope they will not arrive to that pitch of desperation.

    As Mr Miller ^is here^, I intend to appoint him Lieutenant of the new Company, if I have your leave: he has wrote to the Commanding officer of his regiment, but has not yet heard of his resignation being accepted.

    I am with great regard Sr Your most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    His excellency Majr general Gage

    ALS, RC Gage.