408 | To Lord Colvill

    Boston Oct 30 1765

    My Lord

    I am much obliged to your Lordship for your favor of the 13th inst. The Affairs of this Province have been daily growing worse since I wrote my last letter to your Lordship.1 The Assembly is driving at as great a rate as that of Rhode Island;2 and the pretence is that the people will not be content without their doing this or that thing. If Any one is for interposing prudence or Moderation, he is told that the people will rise upon them if they dont act with Spirit. The two Houses are now deliberating upon a resolve which will amount to a Suspension of the Act of parliament.3 If this passes & is sent up to me, I must immediately quit the Government: for I cant consent to it & I dare not wait the consequences of a refusal. In such case I shall think it best to go to England; for there I can be of much more service than I can by staying here: But I shall not quit my post whilst it is tenable. There are several Vessels ready to go to England: but possibly they may be all gone before my time, which is not at my own option, is come. In such a Case, If your Lordship was here, I should consult your Lordship whether it might not be advisable to send a Ship of the Kings with me for the better dispatch. But at this distance I know not how to make a request, the Propriety of which I cannot judge of: especially as it is not certain, but probable to the highest degree, that I shall be obliged to leave this Place. But if it should answer other purposes of his Majesty’s Service to send a Ship to England, I should be glad to have a passage in her, in case I am obliged to go, & cannot meet with another suitable Vessel. I submit this to your Lordships consideration, & am with great regard, My Lord &c

    Lord Colville.

    P.S. The inclosed is just come out of the Representatives press, more decent than I expected.

    I must beg your Lordship to take no notice of the above written, as if I stay, I would not have it known that I thought of going.

    AL, LbC BP, 4: 78-79.