18 | To William Pitt


    Boston Nov 8. 1760


    I have had the honour to receive your letter bearing date the 23d day of August last,118 & immediately set about obeying the commands signified therein.

    When I first arrived at this government, in the beginning of August last, having been previously informed of a trade Very detrimental to the British Empire being carried on between some parts of New England and the french settlements in Louisiana, I made it my business to enquire, whether this province was concerned in such trade; & was fully satisfied that it was not.

    Nevertheless I thought it my duty to pay a greater deference to your letter than only giving my own opinion on the subject of it; and therefore I communicated it to the Council119 & proposed that it should be referred to the consideration120 of a committee. This has been done; & I now transmit to you the report of that committee approved by the Council.

    If I apprehended that there was the least danger that this trade would be carried on from this province, I would immediately communicate your orders by circular letters to the sevral officers of the ports within my Government: But I apprehend that as things are such public notifications would answer no other purpose than to imply a charge against the province, of what I believe it quite free from.

    I do not mean to answer for any other part of New England than the province of Massachusets bay: but I am informed that in those parts, where this trade has been practised, it has now entirely ceased.

    I have the honour to be, with great respect, Sr Your most obedient & most humble servant

    Fra. Bernard.

    The Right Honourable William Pitt Esqr

    dupALS, RC CO 5/19, pt.2, f 298.