54 | To John Pownall

    Boston July 6. 1761

    Dr. Sir

    the letters inclosed with this were wrote to convey further information of the proceedings of Mr Barrons which you will be pleased to lay before their Lordships at such time & in Such manner as you shall think fit, I cannot now offer a Suppresion of the Complaint against him with such propriety as I did before; because every thing of the Complaints & proofs, which I send now & have sent, except such as meerly relate to myself will be transmitted to the Commrs of the Customs by the time you receive this: the Surveyor Genl. (Mr Lechmere) being now engaged to collect the necessary pappers & send ’em away.

    The Assembly keeps in very good temper; all necessary business is properly done notwithstanding an opposition is kept up (seldom raising the minority to one third) by Mr Otis Junr.271 who has been Mr Barrons faithfull Councellour from the first beginning of these commotions to the hour of this present writing. the Assembly has gone thro’ a very great & intresting work, the Valuation of the Estates of the whole province with uncommon temper & moderation:272 there wants nothing but to bring this into form; so I suppose I shall dismiss them by the end of this week, after which I Shall keep working, till I get rid of My Epistolar Debts public & private; among which I reckon a letter to your Brother one of the principal.273

    I should be glad to pay my Compliments to my Lord Sands; but think I must wait till I have a notification from the board, If I am wrong, get me excused till I can get right

    I am Sr.

    L, LbC BP, 1: 322-323.