37 | To John Pownall

    Boston March 30th. 1761

    Dear Sr.

    I am just going to send to New York a set of Papers199 relating to a Commotion Mr. Barrons has made in this Town & Province, for the perusal of the Lords of your Board; if my Lord Halifax shall think it proper, before a set of the same, which the Surveyor General will send to the Comonrs of the Customs, shall Arrive. These are not Quite complete but want little more than the form of conclusion: but I was not willing to lose the benefit of the Tamar Man of war, which is to sail from NYork next week. you must excuse me ^not^ writing to their Lordships by this conveyance, but I will endeavour not to fail the next. I have wrote a long letter to my Lord Halifax200 on the subject of these papers: which together with the papers, will be Sufficient to give a full account of this Affair. These papers are too Voluminous, but I could not help it; tho’ I prevented their being more so. I had intended to have methodised & abbridged them, that they might be more easily perused & readily referr’d to; but I have not had time to do it.

    From the experience I have had of the Violence of Mr. Barrons resentment here, I must expect that he will ^endeavour to^ misrepresent me in England. And yet I cannot Charge my memory with any one thing that can afford an oppertunity for so doing. As to what has passed between him & me I can truly say with Lear,

    I am a Man

    More sinn’d against, than sinning,201

    If any such thing should be offered, I will depend upon you to give me an oppertunity to refute it.

    there is due to your office an answer to the Complaint of the Mashbe’a Indians: This was reported to the great council last sessions, but was not certified in form proper to be sent to you. This will be done this week: It may be sufficient to say there is no ground for the complaint.202 There are also due to you Books of the laws: they are but just new printed: a set will be sent by a ship which sails from hence next week.

    The taking of Leicester packet boat & the delay of the Harriot packet boat, which is but just arrived in great distress, has very much kept back the public business. I received Mr. Pitts letter203 (the triplicate first) not till the 21st. inst.: I got the Assembly together in a few days; they have voted 3000 men for 15 Months & tho they have not heretofore been used to cloath their troops, they have agreed to do it now.204 The number is about 600 less than Mr. Pitt required which was two thirds of the former Year’s Number But the expence of the province will be greater in providing these men than that of any other year. And if Genl. Amherst should want a few more, I believe I can get them upon proper Assurance.

    I am Dear Sr. Your most faithful &

    John Pownall Esqr

    L, LbC BP, 1: 305-306.