159 | From Jeffery Amherst

    New York, 21st. Septemr: 1762.


    Wier is just now Arrived with both your Letters of the 16th. & 17th. Instant;614 and I am very glad to Find the Assembly have past a Vote for Continuing the Number of men required for the Winter Service, and much Obliged to You for your promise of Sending Immediate Orders for ReEnlisting the men.

    I am Sorry you should have had so much Trouble about the Cartel Vessell, but as I know Nothing Either of the Terms of Capitulation, or of the Orders the French master may have Received, all that could be done by me, was to Order a Sufficiency of provisions to be Laid in for our own People, which Indeed the French ought to have Supplied them with, that they might pursue their first Course: If the French master Refuses to proceed to England I Acquaint Mr. Hancock that on the Men’s coming round to this place, I shall take Care of them, & Send them to England, in One of the Transports, when they Return, but the Shortest & least Expensive way, I still think, is that they should go directly from Boston to England, as was first Intended.__

    The Assembly’s message to You, in regard to the Acadians gives me great Concern, as this is a particular Exigency, when I would hope they would not Start Objections which can only Serve to Encrease the Expence without Answering any End; for as these Acadians are sent from Nova Scotia, & that it would certainly be Imprudent to Order them back thither at this time, & that the Sending them to any other Province would be Attended with the Same, & perhaps more Difficulties than can Arise by Dispersing them in the manner already proposed in the Back parts of the Massachusetts, I must Request you will Use your utmost Influence with the Assembly that they may Reconsider the matter, & Empower You to give Directions for Landing the People, & for Disposing of them, untill His Majesty’s Pleasure is known concerning them, for which purpose I have already Acquainted you, I shall Transmit an Account thereof to the King’s Ministers & Doubt not but the Province will be hereafter Reimbursed for any Extraordinary Expence it may be put to, on Account of these Acadians.__

    I am, with great Regard, Sir, Your most Obedient Humble Servant.

    Jeff: Amherst.

    His Excellency Governor Bernard.

    LS, RC BP, 10: 19-20.