78 | To William Bollan

    Boston Nov. 16. 1761


    I have long intended to write fully to you on the Subject of the Court of Admiralty, which the late Commotions have obliged me to give a particular attention to. But hitherto I have not had leisure to enter upon that Subject with the Consideration it wants: nor are matters ripe enough for the proposals I may have to make. As New Commissions for the offices there are now made out, this business may wait a little longer: only I must desire your Care in the following particular; that you will not resign your office of Advocate General; or if you have signified your intention of not resuming it that you will prevent that office being disposed of, untill I can represent the present state of the Court & what I think requisite to put it in a good condition.355 I have allready sacrificed a great deal of my time & ease to the Support of the Court; and it is My intent to place it on the firmest bottom. The Very attacks that have been lately made upon it will be renderd conducive to its better establishment. But this purpose may be defeated, if I am not consulted in the future appointment of the Officers. What I shall have to propose will pass thro’ your hands: in the mean time I must desire you to guard against Any Appointments without proper recommendation I am &c

    Wm Bollan Esqr

    AL, LbC BP, 2: 17.