4 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square 14. Novr. 1759.

    Dear Sir,

    I have to my shame I confess it, several Letters of your’s which I have not yet acknowledged. Some of them relate to forfeited Lands concerning which Mr. Pownal64 and I have had several conversations. I need not explain the difficulties we should have found in a pursuit of that nature, as a fortunate circumstance has offer’d which will carry you from new Jersey to Boston. The Death of Colonel Haldane Governour of Jamaica65 has occasion’d a general promotion of Governours in America: Mr. Lyttelton goes to Jamaica,66 Mr. Pownall to Carolina, you go to Boston & Mr. Boon succeeds you. I found Lord Halifax in the best disposition to shew his regard for you and approbation of your conduct, & I am to wish you Joy of the thing you desired, given in the manner that must please you the most. I will endeavour that your Instructions shall be as little inconvenient to you as possible, and shall be happy in every opportunity of shewing my sincere regard & affection for you and your family. I hope this change will not be less agreable to my Cousin than it is to you; & I beg you will convey to her my sincere Compliments & congratulations.

    I have not time to give you an Account of our Successes in Europe & in Asia as well as in America. They are great, and I hope they will produce us a good Peace; but hitherto no Overtures of that sort have been made.

    All Mrs. Bernard’s Relations in my family are well, except M. Genl. Barrington67 who got an unlucky Accident ashooting in Norfolk: a friend of his firing at a Partridge one of the shots touchd the white of his Eye. He has been blind of that Eye ever since, & has sufferd great pain in different parts of his head; but he is now much easyer, the Eye is coming to itself, and there is the greatest Reason to think he will recover the Use of it. The other Eye never was in the least affected. All of us join in sincere Compliments & wishes to you and Mrs. Bernard. I am with the greatest truth & regard

    Dear Sir Your Excellency’s most faithful & most obedient Servt.


    It is expected that in a few days your Appointment will go thro’ the forms of the Council.68

    ALS, RC BP, 9: 73-76.