14 | To the Earl of Halifax

    Boston Sep 29 1760

    My Lord

    I beg leave to Congratulate your Lordship on the happy end of the North American war. The People here are filled with the most Excessive joy; which would be unalloyed if they were free from apprehensions of it’s being hereafter restored, They have however the greatest dependence on his Majestys Councils & doubt not but that his ministers are fully acquainted with the Importance it is to Great Britain, & will therefore endeavour to retain it. In my Opinion It is the greatest prize that has ever been taken by Englishmen since the Conquest of France & much more benificial to the nation than that, as it was an acquisition not to be maintained. May his Majesty’s Arms be every where, be as well conducted & as successful as in North America. I am with great Esteem

    My Lord, your Lordships &c &c

    Lord Halifax

    L, LbC BP, 1: 282.