56 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston July 12. 1761


    Last fryday another Sloop sailed for Halifax with about 90 men including Officers, which makes about 720 in the whole: I expect more in, & hope that Regiment276 will soon be completed. The Musters at Springfield I hope will turn out better than has been expected: There has been a delay in that business by Capt Campbells277 requiring the inlistments, which the Militia Colonels who paid the bounties kept in their hands: but I hope that is set right, & the Musters go on. The inlistments will be collected & delivered to the Colonels of the 3 Regiments & may be resorted to in case of Any doubt.

    I hope soon to complete all the Regiments, as the Assembly have granted a further Encouragement. The Objection to encreasing the Bounty, was that it would have a retrospect to those that were allready inlisted. To obviate this, I proposed that they should allow to evry person, that shall hereafter inlist 6 weeks wages extraordinary to be reckoned before the day of inlistment; which has been agreed to.278 This is in effect a bounty, tho’ it goes under the Name of Wages, & thereby avoids the inconveniency before mentioned. I expect that this Resolution & the Assembly’s having risen & thereby put an end to all further expectations will have a full effect.

    I beg leave to congratulate you on the late Honour His Majesty has conferred upon you279 & am, with great regard,

    Sr Your most obedient humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    We have advice here that Dominico is surrendered.280

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, f 103.