232 | To William Fitzherbert

    Boston Aug 13. 1763

    Dear Sr

    I beg leave to recommend to the Society through you Mr Willard of this Province, who with great industry & perseverance has acquired a Process of making potash different from all others & superior both in facility & efficacy. He sent home some last year, which was reported to be the best that ever came to London. He has now shipt 23 Tun with the proper certificates; and hopes that if the Society has not continued their premium this year they will make him a compensation some other Way: especially as he was prevented making a sufficient quantity last year by the burning of some of his Works.

    He is very communicative & willing to assist any one who will undertake the same business. As I have intended to set up potash works upon an Island (which has been granted to me by the General Court of this Province & is now submitted to the King for his confirmation) This Gentleman has engaged to give me full instructions to provide Utensils & lend me one of his best hands. I have the greatest hopes that this business will be well understood in this Country: and it is to encourage & propagate it only that I propose to engage in it. I shall write to you soon again on the same subject & am

    Sr Your most faithful & obedient Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    Wm Fitzherbert Esq867

    ALS, RC Selected Materials Relating to America, 1754-1806, PR.GE/110/14/114, RSA.