38 | To Jeffery Amherst

    Boston Ap 4. 1761


    I wrote to you last Monday, to inform you that the Assembly had voted 3,000 Men; but as It was subject to further consideration, I could not depend upon the effects of that Vote, till I had seen the further proceedings upon it.205 And it is but this day that the Resolutions for raising the Men have passed both the Houses. There was a party formed for lowering the Number as much as possible, which, tho’ too insignificant to carry their point by open reasoning or voting, yet could not be prevented interposing difficulties tending to delay & intended to embarras. These were chiefly created by infusing groundless suspicions & fears, concerning the destination of the Men, & their being detained beyond the time for which they have been voted. To quiet these, my friends, at my instance proposed that a Message should be sent to me concerning those points; my answer to which quieted the scruples of those that meant well.206 I enclose a copy of it to you, & hope I have not promist any thing but what will be quite agreable to you. And I hope you will allow ^authorize^ me to use your name in a more positive manner, not only for confirmation of what I have promist, but also for facilitating the raising the levies, which I fear will not be carried on successfully, without some public assurances concerning the limitation of the Service both as to place & time.

    I believe I could have got more men, if I had made a point of it: but It was by no means advisable to press it. For as the utmost Number I could have required as the proportion mentioned in Mr Pitts letter207 would have been but 600 more, (& even that has been disputed) It would not have been proper for that addition, to have run the risk of occasioning a dimunition:208 especially as the raising the Number now granted will employ the whole time between this & the meeting of the new Assembly at the End of May. And then, as the Nature of the Service will be better known, perhaps It will not be difficult to get an additional Corps, if the public exigency should appear to require it.

    In point of time they have exceeded my utmost demands: I proposed the 1st of May 1762 as the least time but recommended the 1st of June; and they have Voted the first of July 1762. I promised that the Men should not be sent south-west of the River Delaware; they have stipulated that they shall not be employed South of Albany; which are bounds Very convenient to the Service, as it includes all Canada up to the Lake Ontario & even that Lake itself if necessary. These two points are made a proviso in the Resolution, in this form “to be put under the Command of Genl Amherst, upon his giving assurance that they shall not be employed Southward of Albany & be discharged on the 1st day of July 1762, or, if a peace takes place, immediately after such peace”.209 A compleat Uniform is made part of the Bounty, which is the same as usual, being in the whole £6 15s. sterling. And at my desire, the Cloaths are not to be delivered, till they arrive at their station, in order that they may be obliged to carry another suit with them. The other Articles relate to the provincial Œconomy. Upon the whole, I must needs say, that I think that the Business is well concluded; and I doubt not but you will think so too, especially when It is considered that this appointment, if carried to its length of time, will be as expensive a one as Any that has been made in former years.

    You will be pleased, in your own time, to acquaint me with the destinations that I may order the rendezvous accordingly. If Any are to be sent away in transports, the Castle Barracks will hold 1000 or upon occasion 1500 at a time. Whilst I have been writing this letter your favour of the 29th of March came to hand.210 I hope tho’ I have not come up to the Numbers I first proposed, my whole proceeding will have your approbation. I am, with great regard,

    Sr Your most obedient humble Servant,

    Fra. Bernard

    His Excellency Majr General Amherst


    I must add that the Resolution passed the Council unanimously upon the first reading

    ALS, RC WO 34/26, ff 88-89.