116 | To William Shirley

    Boston May 21st. 1762


    I have been much concerned at my letting last summer slip without acknowledging the favors I received from you at the begining of it:485 the Hurry of business that I was then in, & the little previous advice I have had of Vessells sailing to your Government was the occasion of it. This is the first oppertunity that I have been acquainted with of a conveyance to New providence,486 since last winter. I have hoped however that my Compliments to you thro’ the hands of Mr. Erving487 did not fail to arrive in due time.

    I was flattered last Summer with the expectation of seeing you here; but that is now gone off: and it is very agreeable to me to understand that this disappointment has been occasioned by the establishmt. of your health where you are; and your being engaged in business more intresting to you than anything that could have engaged your attention here.

    Your Excellency’s Knowledge of this province will readily induce you to give me credit for my plea of hurry of business: My Resolution, when I arrived at this Government, of not making my self a party in the divisions I found here, has not exempted me from trouble more than was necessary, nor from sometimes seeing public Affairs conducted otherwise than I could have wished: but I hope it will lay a foundation for maintaining my own independency,

    I am with great regard Sr. Your Most &c &c

    His Excellency Genl. Shirley.488

    L, LbC BP, 2: 147.